At all time Russian watches were very popular in the whole world. Foreign connoisseurs of Russian watches rated highly their functionality, movement and design. And it is not a surprise because the traditions of Russian quality go back to the times of Cathrine II. At that time were opened first watch factory in St. Petersburg.
The ascent of the watch branch has begun in the Soviet period. At the time ca.20 watch factories produced famous Russian watches.

Nowadays occurs the Renaissance in the Russian watch industry, carries on in quest of new ideals of functionality, develop new design lines. And as a result Russian watches assume the reputation of the accurate movement with nice design.

Russian company "CLASSIC RUSSIAN WATCH" was founded in 1996 and for a long time was a distibutor of "Poljot" watches in Europe.

Selling the watches to European countries, General Director Darek Sawicki, has studied watch tastes of all nations and did good understand what people like. Being an excellent designer and possessing bright and orginal ideas, he decide to produce the watches independently. Thus in 2002 was born new brand name "Moscow Classic".
Thanks to top-level professionalism of the staff our company has produced the collection of the first-class watches for such short time perdiod. The whole collection has more that 100 models. There are classic models encrusted with Swarovsky stones, as also water-proof and stylish diver watches. And our pride from military collection the real "Aeronavigator", which continue the glory of tradition of Komandirskie watches of "iron curtain" time.
The company "Classic Russian Watch" proved itself to be a manufacturer of the high-class watches and became recognition of the customers all around the world.

Moscow Classic's are your watches, your style and your accuracy.